The Ministry Of Industry And Trade Plans To Promote The Graphene Innovation Center

Recently, in order to promote the implementation of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology on accelerating the development of the development of graphene industry, a number of opinions to cultivate the growth of graphene industry, to speed up the large-scale production of graphene materials and industrial applications, The Bureau of Raw Materials and Industry organized a symposium on the development of graphene industry in Beijing.

Beijing Economic and Information Commission, Heilongjiang Province Industrial and Information Technology Committee, Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Technology Committee, Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Commission, Shenzhen Economic and Information Technology Commission, Qingdao Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi Huishan High-tech business service center, graphene industry technology innovation strategic alliance and other units of the participants. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of raw materials, Deputy Inspector Lu Guixin, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Planning Division attended the meeting.

Participants exchanged views on the development of the graphene materials in this region, the development of the unit graphene materials, the large-scale production and industrial applications, analyzed the main problems faced by the development of the graphene industry, and discussed in depth the construction and protection of the intellectual property of the graphene industry, Standard, along the terminal application to build and improve the industrial chain, to promote the first batch of graphene products demonstration and other hot and difficult issues on the basis of concise the 2016-2017 graphene industrialization to promote the focus, put forward the proposed measures to promote industrial development. The symposium also discussed the mission and positioning of operational functions of the proposed graphene innovation center.

With the introduction of favorable policies and the promotion of related technologies, the graphene industry will play an important role in China's future development. Graphene industrialization of the curtain will be opened, it is expected that graphene will be conductive additives, heat dissipation materials, transparent conductive film and other areas of the first to obtain industrial applications.