The Application Of Graphene Powder Is Diversified

The next five years, graphene powder prices will continue to decline in 2020, graphene powder prices will drop to 50,000 yuan / ton, the corresponding lithium battery area graphene powder market size will exceed 1.1 billion.

The application of graphene powder in lithium ion battery is diversified, and there are three main applications, which are used as positive and negative electrode conductive additive, used in copper foil or aluminum functional coating and as electrode material. It has been commercially used as a conductive additive in the cathode material to improve the electrical conductivity of the electrode material, to improve the magnification performance and cycle life.

graphene powder in the field of lithium batteries is mainly used as conductive agent graphene powder equivalent to the catalyst. According to the percentage by weight, the cathode material graphene 1% - 2% (mainly about 1%), if the cathode material with lithium iron phosphate, the graphene accounted for about 2%, the use of graphene powder, the price increase significantly, Better sex, charge and discharge faster.

In the application of lithium battery electrode materials, graphene powder anode material mainly graphene powder composite materials. Graphite is now widely used in lithium battery anode material. Graphite has a crystalline layered structure, easy to lithium ions embedded in / embedded in the formation of interlayer compound LiC6, is a stable performance of the anode material, but its theoretical capacity is insufficient, limiting the battery capacity.

Gypsum has a unique dual-dimensional honeycomb crystal structure with high specific surface area and carrier mobility, in the lithium has a great advantage, that is, lithium ions in the process of reversing the reversible strong, reducing the cycle of capacity loss , Greatly improving the battery's Kulun efficiency and cycle capacity. graphene powder can be further prepared into a silicon-carbon composite anode material, the charge and discharge performance again to enhance a step. However, due to the limitations of application technology, the current lack of stability of the use of graphene powder lithium battery anode material, graphene powder lithium battery anode material permeability is still very low.

With the rapid growth of new energy vehicle production, energy storage lithium battery market gradually started, consumption of lithium batteries steady growth, the market demand for lithium batteries will also be a rapid increase in momentum to stimulate the expansion of lithium battery capacity is expected by 2020, Lithium battery annual output can reach 170GWH.

With the market performance of lithium batteries continue to improve, graphene powder lithium battery in the field of application technology to gradually upgrade, graphene in lithium batteries will also gradually increase. To 5% of the content of graphene to estimate the 2020 lithium battery area corresponding to the demand for more than 20,000 tons of graphene.

Investment adviser industry research center that 2016-2017 is the application of graphene powder in the field of lithium battery exploration period, the overall market penetration is relatively low, this stage of the industry's growth momentum is mainly due to the rapid growth of new energy vehicles brought lithium Battery capacity expansion.

2017 years later, the new energy vehicle policy environment may change, the government to cancel the subsidies for new energy vehicles is a high probability event, so lithium battery production capacity will fluctuate, slow growth. However, this stage of graphene powder for lithium battery anode material technical conditions are mature, graphene in the field of lithium battery penetration will rapidly increase, the rapid expansion of market size, market growth is mainly driven by technology.

2015 graphene powder prices relative to the 2011 decline of more than 90%, investment adviser industry research center predicted that the next five years, graphene powder prices will continue to decline in 2020, graphene powder prices will drop to 50,000 yuan / Ton, the corresponding lithium battery field graphene powder market size will be more than 1.1 billion.