Graphene Set Thousands Of Pet In One

For new energy vehicles, the battery "charge slow, run not far" criticism, has been unable to open the hearts of consumers tangled yoke. At present, the new energy vehicle battery industry is in the lead-acid batteries and traditional lithium battery development bottleneck stage. July 8, our company held a new product of graphene lithium-ion battery conference, showing the world's first graphene lithium-ion battery products - "King", is expected to achieve the first breakthrough in new energy battery technology.

Graphene set thousands of pet in a commitment to the best conductive material

Graphene is a planar two-dimensional material of hexagonal honeycomb lattice composed of single-layer carbon atoms. It has excellent thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, high electron mobility, high specific surface area and quantum Hall effect. Is the best current conductive material. Graphene lithium-ion battery, the use of lithium ions in the graphene surface and the electrode between the rapid mass of the characteristics of shuttle movement, developed a new energy battery. And "King" is the use of these features to meet the conditions at 5 ℃, 15 minutes to achieve rapid charge and discharge, and can work in -30 ~ 80 ℃ environment, the cycle life of up to about 3500 times. In the field test "King King" charge with 15 minutes, is the ordinary charging products 1/24.

Graphene As the government to vigorously develop petrolene lithium-ion battery, we have a unique congenital conditions. Graphite as raw materials for the production of graphite, energy-rich in our country, low prices. Graphene Although we and the rest of the world are in the field of the starting line, by virtue of the advantages of the first floor of the water, as well as the continuous deepening of the future research, believe that graphene fast-charging era is not far away, and now you can look forward to this " Material "will bring what kind of surprise.