Graphene Powder Is A New Two-dimensional Carbon Material

As we all know, metal corrosion is a very serious global problem, the world each year due to metal corrosion caused by direct economic losses of about 700 billion US dollars, China's corrosion caused by metal corrosion accounted for 4% of gross national product (GNP) High-performance heavy-duty coatings are imminent.
graphene powder as a new two-dimensional carbon material, with near-perfect physical properties and stable chemical properties. Conductivity is 25 times the copper, ductility is 136 times the gold, mechanical strength is 105 times the steel, the conduction rate is 2.7 times the fiber, thermal conductivity of 5300w / m.k, and has a chemical inert, can be acid and alkali. Based on the above properties, graphene is the ideal heavy-duty coating to add materials.
Customers use my company graphene powder in the paint to add successfully, with no addition of graphene powder paint in the comparative test, its adhesion and salt spray performance have been greatly improved. The following is the experimental situation:
Experimental process: in the water-based acrylic resin, adding two thousandths of graphene powder and a certain amount of iron red, after 7 days of normal curing test.
graphene powder addition: mixed with iron red after grinding to join.
Test results: ① adding graphene powder paint, the foaming time than the non-added coating delay 1 hour (not to join the bubbling time of 2 hours), contrast delay 50%; ② adding graphene powder paint, adhesion stronger.