Graphene Plate Catalyst

The limitations of graphene

1, the high cost, the highest price reached 5,000 yuan / gram, in the industry, "black gold," said, which is why the graphene technology players are basically Samsung, IBM, Intel and other important reasons for giants.

2, graphene technology there are limitations, growth requires strict control conditions.

3, can not achieve large-scale applications.

Graphene market size

According to China's graphene industry alliance is expected, the current global annual capacity of graphene reached 100 tons, the next five years to ten years will reach the kiloton level. By 2020, the global market size of graphene will exceed 100 billion yuan, of which China accounted for 50% to 80%, China will be in the global graphene industry play a leading and core role.

Graphene hype path

Graphene speculation is characterized by long cycle, the concept of more technical breakthroughs more easily sought after. Such as once the graphene transistors, graphene desalination, graphene batteries, have been over the funds favorable.

From time to time, as early as 2011, the capital market ignited the great enthusiasm for graphene. (2 000532) due to holding the graphene company by the market respected, the stock rose more than 30% over six months, 2 years later, the market set off a new round of the shares of the shares of speculation, this more crazy, one and a half months Share price nearly doubled.

Period, the concept of graphene was stalled, disappeared. But in 2016, graphene and then into the meat and potatoes, the fuse is the founder of Huawei Ren Zhengfei rare mention in the interview graphene, was instantly fried as the industry's big brother to pass the investment signal.

For such a stake in graphene, in addition to industry technology breakthroughs and other good, new materials or graphene theme forums and meetings, etc., is also a stimulus to the plate, which in pushing the graphene plate in the time-tested.