Graphene Killer Application - Graphene Polarizer

What is a polarizer?

Polaroid film is the full name of the polarizer, liquid crystal display imaging must rely on polarized light. All the liquid crystal has two polarizers before and after close to the liquid crystal glass to form a total thickness of about 1 mm of the liquid crystal.

Polarizer will be light into linearly polarized light, and then after the deflection of liquid crystal molecules and color filters make the LCD panel presents a variety of images.

Polarizer structure

The basic structure of the polarizer includes the most intermediate PVA, two TACs, PSA film, Release film and Protective film.

Polaroid composition of materials and functions

Polarizer technology needs

Soft, slim


Resistant to moisture

Filter blue light

The extraordinary physical properties of graphene and the technical requirements of the polarizer perfect match!

Graphene properties

The best heat thermal conductivity of 5300W / m.k, higher than carbon nanotubes and diamonds;

The world's smallest resistivity material, only 10-8Ω.m; room temperature electron mobility as high as 5000cm2 / V.s, more than silicon and carbon tubes;

Lightest thinnest, transparent

Almost completely transparent, absorbing only 2.3% of the light;

Super tough

Hard than diamond, the strength is 300 times that of steel.

When graphene is combined with a polarizer

Polarizer added graphene film or a layer of graphene to replace the film can be made of ultra-thin graphene polarizer, grafted on both sides of polarizer, high durability anti-static polarizer, high-strength ultra-thin polarizer .

The main technical highlights

Graphene polarizer to ensure the polarization degree under the premise of better water oxygen permeability, to achieve better weathering performance.

Its unique antistatic properties, high blue light absorption rate, high weatherability, to meet the future LCD panel products longer life expectancy, vision protection features and performance trends, and more stringent use of the environment.