Graphene Is Expected To Be Selected For New Materials

Recently, the news that the Ministry of Industry and other departments in stepping up the study of "thirteen five" new material planning, the introduction time is expected in the second half of 2015, graphene selected the plan has been basically settled. With the continuous development of graphene industry, the country for the industry policy is expected to re-overweight, according to the sources, Ministry of Science and Technology and other departments are studying the high-tech industrialization base of graphene related work, the first base is expected to settle in Changzhou, the first A high-tech industrialization base of graphene is expected to be approved recently, this will be the first "national prefix" of graphene industrial base.

In this regard, analysts said that graphene is developed in recent years, new materials, graphene in the material properties of a number of the world's most (the strongest conductivity, the hardest material, ultra-high strength, high thermal conductivity , High transmittance), so graphene materials in energy storage, electronic components, composite materials and other fields is expected to bring revolutionary applications, and further enhance the original product of the excellent performance. With the industrialization of graphene to support the policy of overweight, gravure the pace of industrialization is also expected to speed.