Graphene Come To Your Side

Graphene as the king of new materials, refreshing the human understanding of the material world, it's every application of products are related to our future life. "This is China's graphene industry alliance director, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, deputy researcher Dr. Chen Chengmeng evaluation of graphene.

How will graphene affect our lives? Let's take a look.

Fast charge charge treasure

Quality sports equipment

Lightweight photography equipment

Since the energy storage is the main application of graphene, the application of graphene battery is not limited to electric vehicles, and we are familiar with the charge treasure. There is a 15 minutes fast charge of the "King King" charge Po, charging speed is 20 times the ordinary charge treasure. Many people in the industry believe that graphene battery in the mobile phone industry will play a major role in the future, is expected to become the mainstream of mobile phone batteries, and truly create a fast fast era.

Using its light and strong features, graphene is also used to make high quality sports equipment such as tennis racquet handles and badminton racquet peripheral materials, golf clubs, helmets, sleds, etc., not only to enhance the durability of sports equipment, The mechanical strength of the product can also greatly reduce its weight, making the sporty equipment lighter and more powerful, and enhance the athlete's comfort.

In addition, graphene can also provide a good base material for photographic camera equipment. From the camera itself in terms of structure, the use of graphene reinforced modified plastic as raw material, the camera shell, lens shell for effective lightweight design. Graphene material not only has excellent strength, but also has a high conductivity, so the molding of the camera case or lens shell can also have electromagnetic shielding properties. From the supporting facilities, graphene modified polymer material made of three-legged bracket than the current widely used carbon fiber tripod but also weight loss of 20%, which makes people go out to carry more convenient.