Graphene Came To Your Side

Graphene as the king of new materials, refreshing the human understanding of the material world, it's every application of products are related to our future life. "This is China's graphene industry alliance director, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, deputy researcher Dr. Chen Chengmeng evaluation of graphene.

How will graphene affect our lives? Let's take a look.


Smart clothing

The most light running shoes

Since last year, the graze in the grapes began to spoil the textile industry. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanxi Institute of coal chemical researcher Li Xiaoming introduction, graphene within the warm velvet is made of biomass graphene evenly dispersed in the polyester blank slices for the production of blended spinning, its superior performance, very suitable for the production of intelligent wear products. For example, as a filler material used in quilts, sleeping bags, down jackets, pillows, cushions, shawls and other textiles, with a thin, delicate touch, soft, good insulation, light, antibacterial antibacterial, anti-static and other excellent features.

As an early entry into the field of graphene textile enterprises, Jinan Shengquan Group to create a body temperature far infrared, improve microcirculation, lasting antibacterial, heat preservation, anti-ultraviolet, anti-static and other multi-functional warm fiber, Warm cashmere, warm within the hole three new series of new materials, more than 100 terminal new products.

Domestic technology companies use the thermal conductivity of porcelain, stability and superconductivity, heating function as a functional clothing cut into the mouth, through the 5 volt safe voltage and mobile phone APP for the clothing heating. For example, Shenzhen Yiwang technology graphene intelligent wear products to 3 seconds of rapid heat, the release of far infrared wavelengths with the body near the far infrared life light waves, and play to eliminate fatigue, relieve the pain of physical therapy.

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanxi Coal Chemical Research Institute Kong Qingjiang pointed out that this winter for outdoor operations, outdoor inspectors, the elderly, special types of work, special arms, is undoubtedly a very good care and protection. Similarly, people in the winter no longer wear thick clothes. For example, in the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Harbin branch of the part of the actors will wear graphene modified clothing, both warm and will not affect the beautiful.