Capacitive Touch Panel, You Choose Right?

Now the rapid development of the Internet, technology more and more developed, and touch the screen also follow the trend of the times boarded the honor of the throne. Now, we live in a variety of large and small screen, mobile phone screen, shopping malls in the navigation system, the bank for the business of the screen, as well as the operation of the factory screen and shopping malls in large and small mobile entertainment Facilities and so on, to talk about life we encounter the screen that year I am afraid that can not finish, and the touch screen as the total king of the screen, a variety of electronic equipment hard, how should we choose?

Advantages of Capacitive Touch Panel:

(1) Capacitive Touch Panel only need to touch, without the need to generate a signal pressure.

(2) Capacitive Touch Panel in the production only once or no need to correct, and resistive type requires regular correction.

(3) Capacitive Touch Panel life will be longer, because the components of the Capacitive Touch Panel without any movement. In the resistive touch screen, the upper ITO film needs to be thin enough to be resilient to bend down to the underlying ITO film.

(4) Capacitance technology is superior to resistance technology in light loss and system power consumption.

(5) capacitive technology wear resistance, long life, the user use the low maintenance costs, so the manufacturer's overall operating costs can be further reduced

Capacitive Touch Panel has been applied to a variety of devices, positioning a single point track / analog mouse double click is its basic function, and multi-finger gesture operation recognition and application of the current market hot spots. In portable applications, the user can only use the device in one hand and only use the other hand, so it is particularly important to identify gestures such as grabbing, translating, stretching, compressing, rotating, and turning over multiple fingers