Capacitive Touch Panel Screen Market Trends

Now the Capacitive Touch Panel on the market can be divided into two basic touch categories. "Capacitive Touch Panel" and "direct touch of the display surface".

Notebook touchpad is the "fuzzy touch" the primary representative of its sensors are mostly double projection capacitor, Synaptics, Alps and ELAN carved up the market.

In contrast, the "direct touch on the surface of the display" technology and the market is much more complex, as is known to have six basic touch technology, about 20 kinds of touch type; touch module manufacturers are also global There are more than 150.

2011 - 2018 Capacitive Touch Panel market situation chart shows that in 2007, the number of touchpad 3.08 million, the income of $ 1.3 billion ...

The development trend of touch technology

2008 - 2017 Capacitive Touch Panel market technology application chart shows that projection Capacitive Touch Panel screen is the mainstream of Capacitive Touch Panel market technology.

With the iPhone, iPad and other products using the projection capacitor (P-Cap) touch technology popularity, projection Capacitive Touch Panel technology has become the hearts of billions of users touch experience standards: multi-point synchronization touch Control, very light touch, smooth borderless design, excellent optical performance and the most attention to the perfect user experience.

Advantages and Limitations of Projective Capacitance Technology

Support for unlimited multi-touch, very light touch (zero pressure), to support the "borderless" industrial design, high optical screen display quality (refractive index matching ITO), extremely durable (touch controller is very good Of the protection), without the impact of shredding or contaminants, this series of obvious technical advantages, so that almost all consumer devices, including mobile phones, tablet PCs, superbooks are or will use this touch technology.

Capacitive Touch Panel Needless to say, on the market trend, projection capacitive touch technology has become a touch industry "ruler."

Capacitive Touch Panel In addition to consumer equipment, its application in the vertical market is also a vigorous development trend, especially in the medical market, gaming market, information query market. The market demand for equipment MTBF (average failure interval), multi-touch and touch the needs of the gaming market for its multi-touch device, zero border design requirements; Capacitive Touch Panel information query market equipment MTBF (average failure Interval time) of the demand for these markets have to switch to the touch device projection technology.

Capacitive Touch Panel On the current market average of the technical level, the projection capacitor in these markets only limit is: once the screen size is greater than the Tablet PC, the cost of equipment will show explosive growth, the market size of large controller and Performance is still unstable performance.