Capacitive Touch Panel Also By A Lot Of People Welcome!

As mentioned before, the resistive screen with its low cost, good response characteristics of the characteristics of many low-end customers loved. Whether it is four-wire resistive or five-wire resistive they have a completely isolated working environment, perfect to adapt to a variety of harsh environments. But the resistive screen is not without a drawback, resistive touch screen from the operation is not capacitive convenience, many times the resistive touch screen are also equipped with a dedicated touch pen to use, and sometimes sometimes need to describe the fingers to complete the operation. But this shortcoming is also the needs of some users, some users may only need to use a specific resistance pen to operate, and more is used to display the content rather than sliding operation, so the resistive touch screen is also subject to a lot of people Welcome.

The Capacitive Touch Panel with his high-definition resolution and high transmittance, easy operation and smooth features also received most people's praise and follow. Nowadays, Capacitive Touch Panel is one of the most frequently used touch screen, the most common in many public places is the Capacitive Touch Panel, there is that we are very familiar with the mobile phone tablet lights portable equipment in the user Capacitive Touch Panel.

Capacitive Touch Panel principle is the body it as a capacitor click to use, through the human body and the screen contact to the corresponding click event, compared to the resistance screen through the pressure to touch the way, the capacitive screen operation of the most Fast, in line with the user's habits. The Capacitive Touch Panel uses the human body as an electrode of the capacitor. When there is a large enough capacitance between the conductor and the ITO working surface with the interlayer, the current flowing will cause the malfunction of the Capacitive Touch Panel. Gloves or hand-held insulation objects will not respond when touched, this is because the increase in the insulation of the media.

Infrared touch screen is determined by measuring the infrared on and off to determine the touch position, and the touch screen used in the transparent baffle material has nothing to do (some do not use any baffle). Therefore, the use of good light transmission baffle, and to be anti-reflective treatment, you can get a good visual effect. However, by the infrared emission tube volume limit, it is impossible to launch high-density infrared, so this touch screen resolution is not high.

Surface acoustic wave technology is very stable, and the surface acoustic wave touch screen controller by measuring the attenuation time on the time axis to calculate the location of the touch position, so its accuracy is very high. Surface acoustic wave touch screen also has a third axis (z axis), that is, the pressure axis - by calculating the attenuation of the received signal attenuation can be the size of the user touch the screen size, up to 25 levels can be divided. The greater the power, the attenuation of the received signal waveform is wider and deeper, in all the touch screen, only the surface acoustic wave touch screen with a perception of touch pressure performance.