The principle of graphene heating

The graphene powder is uniformly dispersed in an organic solvent by ultrasonic and stirring to obtain a graphene solution having a concentration of 0.05 mg / ml to 0.5 mg / ml, and the graphene is uniformly coated on the organic filter or water system by suction filtration And then separating the graphene film and the membrane by mechanical peeling, immersion or organic solvent dissolution to obtain a graphene film, adding an electrode to the graphene film, and applying a voltage to it to generate heat. Due to the unique two-dimensional nanostructures of graphene, the large aspect ratio, and the high specific surface area, the above-mentioned preparation process allows the formation of a uniform conductive network between the graphene sheets, 1 ~ 10V) can produce higher heat.

Where can graphene be used?

Can wear physical therapy equipment, easy to accommodate the warm blanket, decorative frescoes ... ... people in the concept of "tall" on the graphene products, is fast into the daily life. 8 pm, West Taihu Science and Technology Industrial Park in Wujin Xintiandi Plaza, "graphene product experience day" activities, the park more than 10 graphened enterprises brought more than 30 kinds of civilian products.

Newspaper on the graphene painting, graphene smart bracelet has been reported, many readers expressed a strong interest. Yesterday's experience activities, the scene full of people.

Reporters on the scene to see, graphene intelligent physical therapy waist, graphene smart suits, and knee pads, insulation Cup, interior heating painting, new cushion and other daily necessities, redefine the "warm products." Among them, graphene heating painting 3 seconds can be heated, 10 seconds there is a clear sense of heat, 10 square meters of indoor winter just a piece of graphene heating painting, and more than half of the electricity saved by air conditioning. Yi Si New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. official said, graphene painting using custom way, according to consumer requirements, made landscape painting, wedding or billboards, each in accordance with the size of the price of 800-2000 yuan.

Site display of graphene home cushion, car cushion, indoor to warm blanket, etc., are used for lithium battery for heating, can be usb interface for charging, safe and good, easy to wash, designed for sedentary limbs numb, winter indoor no heating , Long-term driving and other people design and development. Embedded in the heat of raw materials, from the city of two-dimensional carbon, the sixth element of graphene production enterprises.

Graphene is the lightest and thinnest, the best conductivity and thermal conductivity of the material, the thickness of only about one hundred thousandth of the hair, the strength can reach 200 times the steel, heating and heating in the field of obvious advantages. City in 2011 to set up the first domestic research platform for graphene - Jiangnan graphenen Institute, the current gathering of graphene materials and downstream application of 69 enterprises, the initial formation of a complete industrial chain. In the graphene touch screen, cables, super capacitors, wear equipment and other downstream applications, are in the leading level. The next step, the city will be the selection of grachene 2-3 industrial direction, as soon as possible in the downstream high-end applications, large-scale market to seek new breakthroughs.

On the same day, Xinhua News Agency China Economic Information Agency often issued "Graphene Innovation and Entrepreneurship Guide (2016)", stressed that through the industrial chain collaborative innovation, so that the development of graphene materials and downstream applications more closely integrated applications.